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remex return management

Turn Returns into Revenue: Simplify with REMEX’s Smart System

From Hassle to Hassle-Free Returns Management

All IN ONE Inventory management Solution

inventory management

REMEX automates return and excess inventory management, sorting items for removal and categorizing them for either FBA restocking or liquidation using its Grading system, eliminating the need for disposals.

return management

Check out your inventory status
with REMEX Dashboard

REMEX offers real-time updates on your unfulfillable inventory. Through integration with Amazon data, you can conveniently monitor the current location and shipping status of your inventory. Once it arrives at the REMEX warehouse, you can review its inspection status, resale status, and restocking status. Say goodbye to waiting around for your inventory to come back. REMEX provides a comprehensive view of your inventory status.

REMEX Convert your
unfulfillable inventory into sellable

REMEX provides a unique solution to transform your unfulfillable inventory into revenue. By inspecting and repackaging, we facilitate restocking through FBA. For slightly damaged inventory, REMEX offers direct liquidation. Stop disposing of your inventory and partner with REMEX to convert it into profit!

manage fba returns

Check out the detail of REMEX Service


amazon fba returns

Management is a process wherein REMEX inspects and manages your inventory quality, just as you would in your company, by adhering to the criteria you provide from overseas. With REMEX, you gain the capability to remotely oversee and manage your inventory, ensuring that all items are optimized for resale to maximize revenue generation.

How Does it Work?

REMEX specializes in refurbishing and repackaging unfulfillable or excess inventory, ensuring it meets FBA and client company standards, and ships it back to Amazon for resale. With our tailored service, clients only need to provide us with their standards and criteria, and we handle the rest, streamlining the process from unfulfillable to sellable inventory for maximum efficiency and satisfaction.

amazon returns

Why REMEX Managemet?

amazon inventory management

Fully Automated

REMEX service operates entirely on automation. Upon registration and configuring a few basic settings, your inventory management becomes automated.

amazon seller

Gently Curated

REMEX provides customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of any product you sell.

amazon seller

100% recover

Rather than discarding inventory, maximize its value by utilizing restocking and reselling strategies to minimize inventory loss.

Wanna know about Liquidation?
Check out NOW!


inventory liquidation service

Liquidation is the process of selling off assets to convert them into cash or cash equivalents. Liquidation typically done when closing down a business, clearing out remaining inventory, or swiftly sales of excess inventory. Liquidation involves selling inventory at low prices, typically at or near cost, to achieve rapid sales. Through quick liquidation, sellers can save on warehouse, operational, and other additional fees, while also recouping revenue.

How Does it Work?

REMEX liquidation is entirely automated! By creating an account on Remex and configuring auto removal settings on Amazon Seller Central, you can liquidate the inventory you want.

Scheduled auto removal and bulk reselling of your unfulfillable inventory offline are seamless processes.

inventory liquidation

Why REMEX Liquidation?

amazon prime

No Extra Fee

There are no fees for storage, warehousing, or sales in the Liquidation service. You only need to pay a 30% liquidation fee.

amazon prime

Fast Liquidation

After the inventory arrives, REMEX immediately starts the resale process, typically taking about 4 weeks on average for resale.

amazon prime

99% Liquidation

REMEX does not fail in liquidation. It achieves a 99.7% completion rate for Remex resale Solution.

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