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remex return management

About us

Re:meximizing the value of Dead stock

remex return management

Our Mission

REMEX is dedicated to transforming the fate of Dead stock and unfulfillable inventory into valuable assets for Amazon sellers. Our mission is to "Re:maximize" the value of returns, utilizing innovative technology to not only recover but enhance the worth of each item. We aim to create a sustainable and profitable cycle, redefining how returns are perceived and managed in the e-commerce space.

remex return management

Our Expertise

At REMEX, we blend detailed attention with cutting-edge automation to address the complexities of e-commerce returns. Our team, adept in logistics and inventory management, crafts tailored solutions that effectively handle unfulfillable inventory challenges. With our automated system, we ensure seamless integration and offer insights for smarter decision-making, turning logistical hurdles into opportunities.

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remex return management

Our Success

Our journey is fueled by a passion for innovation and a drive for constant improvement, positioning REMEX on a path to becoming a leader in returns management. We measure success by the added value we deliver to our clients, transforming each return into an opportunity for growth and efficiency.

Our Offices



  • Established China subsidiary, Shanghai, China

  • Showcased REMEX at Prosper Show in Las Vegas, U.S.

  • Upgraded REMEX Management to 3.0, merging liquidation and management services to offer enhanced profitability and convenience

  • Expanded REMEX Hub production capability to handle more 10,000 returns monthly


  • Established US subsidiary (Kzoneseller Inc)

  • Established REMEX HUB and office in Dallas, Texas

  • Officially registered as an Amazon Service Provider Network

  • Upgraded REMEX Management to 2.0v, offering both liquidation and management solutions

  • Successfully served clients across 27 countries globally

  • Collaborated with 50+ retailer stores

  • Achieved a resell rate of up to 98%

  • Processed over 170,000 returns with 90,858 SKU in a year


  • Launched the REMEX Brand

  • Launched Beta Service

  • Launched the Return Grading Management System 1.0v, revolutionizing inventory management with AI solutions

  • Best new channel partner by

  • Ranked Top 10 in SBS Startup Survival

  • Opened a New Smart Warehouse in California, U.S.


  • Launched the 101 Amazon FBA online lecturer

  • Cheongju branch's new warehouse opened

  • Awarded the KOTRA Grand Award for Global Business Consulting

  • Signed as the official Korean Channel Partner with Alibaba

  • Awarded the KOTRA Grand Award for Global Business Consulting


  • K-zone Co., Ltd founded

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